2023 MG Crossover EV

MG begins testing of its next all-electric crossover.

The MG pure electric road test car has a very heavy camouflage. By comparing it with the Roewe Ei5 next to the camouflaged car, we can see that the height of this new electric car is close to that of the Roewe Ei5 (1543mm in height). The forward-protruding spoiler and the central “goatee” shape come from the concept car Cyberster, which is full of sportiness.

The rear of the new car has a short and compact shape, the rear windshield has a large slope, and there is a structure that looks like a spoiler below it. The wheel size of the road test car accounts for almost half of the height of the vehicle, which is also a design that tends to create a sense of movement.

Although the interior part is not real, it can still be seen that the seats are covered with black leather, with a thick shape, and there is a semi-suspended control platform under the central control screen. Like most electric vehicles, the power battery is laid on the bottom of the vehicle, and the rear suspension is a multi-link independent structure. We will continue to pay attention to more information about the new car.

Source: Auto House Zhu Lishen