2025 kia ev4

The new Kia EV4 has already been hunted in tests and will arrive in 2025.

Although it is visible that its headlights are stacked vertically, in the shape of a “T,” and that its top appendix follows the edge of the front hood until it merges with the lighthouse on the opposite side, details are difficult to make out due to the tarps. The grill is replaced with a closed panel of the same body color in the space in the middle, leaving the lower portion of the front bumper, which incorporates the radar sensor for the cruise control, as the only exposed area of the propulsion system.

The front volume is quite small, with a windshield that is significantly slanted, giving it the appearance of having a floating roof. It also highlights new rear-view mirrors with an integrated steering indicator on the outside. The sleek and cutting-edge style of the new KIA EV4’s alloy wheels and the squared-off shape of its rear doors with their integrated handle designs both command strong attention. The rear pilots continue to embody the new EV9 spirit at the back.

Up to 300 hp and 500 km of autonomy in the new KIA EV4

Unfortunately, an inside view was not available, but you can bet that it will look like the brand’s largest electric vehicle, with a big screen taking over the dashboard. Moreover, the new KIA EV4 will include a rear electric motor with variable power up to 225 CV, with the addition of a sportier version called “GT” with 300 CV. Because it is a more complex product than the KIA Niro EV, the battery will have a range of different capacities, but it will have a maximum capacity of 77 kWh and 500 kilometers of autonomy. Early 2025 will see the release of an intriguing replacement.


It’s kia EV4

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