2021 Hyundai Staria(H-1 / i800 / Starex III)

Starex’s follow-up Staria Spyshot.

I’ve come up a little bit before, and I can look inside more clearly than that.

Unusual driving, D-cut. Center monitors seem to be two types.

The instrument panel goes up to 10.25-inch full digital. Most of the recent specifications applied to Hyundai include vehicle control smart cruise control, car maintenance assistance, high beam assist, surround view and boss audio.

Fully Open STARIA

Unofficial staria interior rendering

Source : https://www.autospy.net/

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Hyundai Motor offers first peek at STARIA

11 March 2021 - Hyundai Motor Company today unveiled the teaser images of STARIA, the brand’s new multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) lineup.

The images show the STARIA Premium, a high-end variant of STARIA standard model.

The STARIA name combines ‘star’ and ‘ria’1, in reference to the vehicle’s future-oriented product values and streamlined design characteristics defined by one curve gesture silhouettes as well as clean and pure body volume.

STARIA reflects Hyundai’s commitment to lead the future mobility industry as a Smart Mobility Solution Provider, under the brand’s vision of ‘Progress for Humanity.’ STARIA is equipped with various driver-centric features and futuristic design elements that deliver new experiences for drivers and passengers that make time in transit more productive and worthwhile.

STARIA offers a strikingly futuristic and mysterious exterior, resembling a spaceship. The front is highlighted by a long, horizontal daytime running light and headlamps positioned underneath. The spaceship vibe is echoed by its expansive panoramic windows and lower belt lines, underscoring the openness of the interior. The height of the cabin is also optimized for premium comfort and convenience, making it ideal for both business and family use.

STARIA is Hyundai’s new MPV lineup that opens up a new mobility era. STARIA will provide a completely new experience and value proposition for customers through its unprecedented design features.

SangYup LeeSenior Vice President and Head of Global Hyundai Design

STARIA Premium, which will be available in select markets, takes mobility to the next level, sporting premium features and variant-exclusive finishes for a more luxurious look and feel.

Hyundai Motor will unveil more details regarding design features of STARIA and STARIA Premium in the coming weeks.

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Staria test vehicle running on the highway.

Staria instrument panel

Staria Spec.

Length 5,230mm

Width 1960mm

Height 1910mm

Wheelbase 3240mm

Staria will be released from April to May.

Inrerior ~

18 March 2021 - Hyundai Motor Company today unveiled additional design features of its new multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) lineup, STARIA, ahead of its digital world premiere slated for the first half of 2021.

Designed for both families and businesses, STARIA provides next-level mobility solutions that make time in transit more accommodating, productive and worthwhile. Moreover, STARIA provides a preview of the space innovation that will be available through Purpose Built Vehicles (PBVs) in the future mobility era.

STARIA’s overall look is based on an ‘inside-out’ approach, a new design methodology for future mobility that begins the design process with the interior and expands it to the exterior. This reflects Hyundai’s response to recent shifts in consumer needs that prioritize the use of interior space.

Future-oriented, innovative exterior resembling a ‘spaceship’

STARIA’s exterior presents a futuristic, pure, streamlined silhouette, defined by a fluid curve running from front to back, inspired by the halo that illuminates Earth’s horizon during sunrise when viewed from space.

STARIA’s simple front is adorned with horizontal daytime running lights (DRLs) and a positioning lamp that together stretch across the width of the vehicle. The bold and wide radiator grille with unique patterns creates an instantly recognizable façade. Its sophisticated space-age appearance is further defined by low-set headlamps positioned on each side of the grille.

Hyundai uses the same body color for all frontal parts to maximize the vehicle’s modern and pure style. The lowered beltlines and expansive panoramic windows on the sides improve overall visibility and provide a sense of openness. Inspired by the traditional Korean architectural style known as hanok, this sense of spaciousness makes passengers feel as if the outer scenes are connected to the inside.

The rear has a simple and pure look, with eye-catching vertical tail lamps as well as a wide rear window. The rear bumper is lowered to help passengers easily load and unload the cargo.

STARIA Premium adds exclusive design cues to provide a luxurious look and feel. The Premium model’s radiator grille is designed with a unique mesh pattern. The chrome line around the cube-type, full-LED headlamps as well as the tinted brass chrome applied to the Hyundai emblem on the front, wheels, side mirrors and door handles highlight the vehicle’s sophisticated and high-end styling. The variant-exclusive, 18-inch wheels include diamond patterns and graphics, emphasizing the model’s premium and modern look.

The high-end model’s rear combination lamps are applied with Hyundai’s unique Parametric Pixel design and lamp-shape garnish on top, providing a connected feeling.

Premium and comforting interior with various functionalities

Inspired by the lounge of a cruise ship, STARIA’s interior provides a luxurious feeling and relaxed space. The vehicle’s innovative design architecture, with lower beltlines and expansive panoramic windows, creates a spacious, stimulating environment for passengers.

The driver-focused cockpit has a futuristic high-tech look with a 10.25-inch front display screen, touch-based center fascia and a button-type electronic shift lever. The digital cluster is located on top of the dashboard, providing an unobstructed view for the driver.

Storage space is available on top of the overhead console, bottom of the cluster, and top and bottom of the center fascia. The center console box is equipped with cup holders, USB ports and additional storage space for both driver and passengers.

The STARIA Premium model offers a variety of additional interior features that will transform the passenger’s mobility experience. The 7-seater high-end model includes a one-touch relaxation mode on its second-row premium relaxation seats, automatically reclining to a seat posture that comfortably disperses the passenger’s weight and improves overall body balance.

The 9-seater STARIA Premium has second-row seats with the added ability to swivel 180 degrees to face passengers in the third row. This offers a new mobility experience where passengers can talk while looking at each other.

The 64-color ambient mood lamp, available in all STARIA Premium variants, provides exceptional interior atmosphere. The harmonious direct and indirect lighting can be implemented on the cockpit, floor console, door and luggage trims to add to the premium feeling.

STARIA is Hyundai’s first mass-produced vehicle model that is designed with the ‘inside-out’ design approach. STARIA will provide a completely new experience and value proposition to customers through its unprecedented design and innovative features.

SangYup LeeSenior Vice President and Head of Global Hyundai Design

Available in multiple variants and seating configurations to meet various needs

STARIA offers a number of seating arrangements, from 2-seater to 11-seater, making it suitable for both families and business use. STARIA Premium, a high-end variant, is available in 7-, 9- and 11-seat1 configurations with exclusive design cues and interior upgrades.

STARIA Digital World Premiere

Hyundai will officially debut STARIA through a digital world premiere in the first half of 2021. More information about the world premiere will be revealed soon.

General type

Hyundai Staria Photographs taken on Korean roads

Evidence of Staria 4WD and Independent Link Suspension

Hyundai Motor’s Staria High-end and Normal Road Driving in Korea.

Source: autospy.net

This is the training material for Hyundai Motor’s Starria for salespeople.

Source: autospy.net

Staria White Detailed Pic.

Hyundai Motors Staria 3-Van.
Strangely enough, has a rear wiper on top, too.

It’s Black & Gray.

interior photo.