2022 Alfa Romeo Tonale



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2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Spied Showing Dash And Jeep-Branded Engine Cover

Alfa Romeo Tonale
will also be Super, Veloce and Ti

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Photos of Tonale up close.

A few days ago another was seen that had also very peculiar tires, but they did have a larger size that gave a little more packaging to the whole.

New Photos

New photos

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The new Alfa Romeo Tonale will be launched on the market on June 4, 2022 , according to Italian sources.

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Alfa Romeo Tonale: its technical characteristics on the run!

The dimensions of the Alfa Romeo Tonale

Vehicle Length Width Height Wheelbase
Alfa Romeo Tonale 4.53 m 1.84 m 1.60 m 2.64 m
Energy Powerful Transmission
Gasoline 130 hp BVA
Gasoline + Light hybridization 130 hp BVA
Gasoline + Light hybridization 150 hp BVA
Plug-in hybrid 240 hp 4x4, BVA

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New Photos

With the jeep.



New Photos.

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Alfa Romeo Tonale leaked.