2022 CUPRA Born

  • CUPRA Born perfectly matches electrification and performance, leading the brands expansion into new markets and delivering new business models
  • Available with different power outputs, and with an e-Boost1 performance pack to increase the power output up to 231PS (170kW)
  • All-electric range of around 540km* (with the 77kWh battery pack) and 0-100km/h in as little as 6.6 seconds**
  • Electrifying performance and an emotional driving experience thanks to DCC Sport and ESC Sport, progressive steering as well as larger brakes and wider tires mounted on 20’’ alloy wheels as optional
  • Stimulating style and developed with sustainable and unconventional materials such as Dinamica®, and Seaqual® made from upcycled marine plastics
  • New technologies such as the head-up display with augmented reality highlights its great levels of connectivity and safety
  • CUPRA Born is the first model to be delivered to customers with a net CO2 neutral concept

The CUPRA Born is shifting the market, the impulse of a new era. The first 100% electric vehicle from the unconventional challenger brand delivers an emotional design and instantaneous performance, while challenging the status quo.

The CUPRA Born delivers an advanced powertrain to produce instantaneous performance matched to a chassis that delivers driving emotions in any driving scenario. And with stimulating design to help CUPRA’s first all-electric vehicle stand out, the CUPRA Born is ready to shake things up in the market.

“The CUPRA Born is the impulse in the electric era, delivering stimulating design from Barcelona, instantaneous performance with an all-electric range of more than 500km. It’s a vehicle that contributes to reducing global CO2 emissions and helps meet European targets,” said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA. “But it also marks a shift in the industry. CUPRA will use unconventional sales models to reach new people and take the CUPRA brand and the Born beyond the traditional.”

The CUPRA Born marks a new era for the brand, joining the electrified CUPRA range together with the plug-in hybrid variants of the CUPRA Leon, CUPRA Leon Sportstourer and the CUPRA Formentor, all of which use electricity to maximise performance.

Moreover, it’s the first model to be delivered to customers with a net CO2 neutral concept, where energy from renewable sources is used in the supply chain. The remaining emissions are offset by environmental and project investments certified to the highest standards.

And CUPRA’s first all-electric vehicle brings a reinvigorated ownership proposition. As well as traditional models the CUPRA Born will also be offered under subscription contracts***, with a monthly fee that will include the use of the vehicle and other related services. It’s a move that will help CUPRA challenge the market.

Designed and developed in Barcelona, at CUPRA’s headquarters in Martorell, the CUPRA Born is produced at the Zwickau plant in Germany. The car will be launched to the markets from November.


150PS (110kW)

Battery 45kWh (net capacity)
Max. Power 150PS (110kW)
Max. Torque 310Nm
Electric range (WLTP) Around 340km*
0 to 100 km/h 8.9 secs
Max charging power DC 100kW


Battery 58kWh (net capacity)
Max. Power 204PS (150kW)
Max. Torque 310Nm
Electric range (WLTP) Around 424km
0 to 100 km/h 7.3 secs
Max charging power DC 120kW

231PS (170kW) with e-Boost1 pack

Battery 58kWh (net capacity)
Max. Power Up to 231PS (170kW)
Max. Torque 310Nm
Electric range (WLTP) Around 420km*
0 to 100 km/h 6.6 secs**
Max charging power DC 120kW

231PS (170kW) with e-Boost1 & Range pack

Battery 77kWh (net capacity)
Max. Power 231PS (170kW)
Max. Torque 310Nm
Electric range (WLTP) Around 540km*
0 to 100 km/h 7.0 secs
Max charging power DC 170kW
  • Exit Assist: available in 2022.

  • CUPRA Born with 110kW and 170kW are currently not available for sale and pending on homologation. The technical data displayed are merely indicative and may vary. The available power (KW) and acceleration of the vehicle always depends on the battery charge level and its temperature. The pictures are used for illustrative and informational purposes only and may not correspond to the series production.

The electric range of the vehicle varies depending on a series of factors such as the orography of the terrain, the weather conditions, the state of charge of the vehicle (occupants + luggage), the age and condition of the battery, the optional equipment chosen (rims, tires …), the use of peripheral consumers such as heating, air conditioning or heated seats, and their driving style. The indicated autonomy is a provisional value and has been calculated in accordance with the WLTP regulation that establishes standard test conditions applicable to all manufacturers so that the values calculated following this regulation are comparable with each other for all vehicles.

** CUPRA Born equipped with a 58kWh battery and up to 170 kW of power. CUPRA Test Data. Results may vary.

***Only available in some markets (Germany and Spain as the first two countries)

1: The e-Boost performance pack will be available from 2022.

CUPRA Born Quasar Grey

CUPRA Born Vapor Grey