2023 Baw bj212

A vehicle called China’s Wrangler.
First generation of the frame SUV BAW BJ212 began back in 1965. A full-fledged premiere is expected closer to the summer, the start of production is in 2023.

The dimensions of the second generation BJ212 have become known: length - 4325 mm, width - 1830 mm, height - 1960 mm, wheelbase - 2460 mm. The new BJ212 will be offered in two passenger versions (3 or 5 doors, 5 seats, soft or hard top) or as a pickup truck with a single-row cab, while the pickup will enter the market only in 2024.

Three engines have been announced for the new generation SUV, all gasoline: a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine and two turbo engines - 2.0 and 2.4 liters, the power has not yet been announced. Gearbox - 5-speed “mechanics” or 8-speed “automatic”. Curb weight - from 1550 to 1650 kg, depending on the version.

The new BJ212 will obviously retain the frame structure, but there are no details on the all-wheel drive system yet. But there are two computer drawings of the interior, from which it becomes clear that the BJ212 has two options for interior design - simpler with old-school motifs and a body-colored “tidy” and richer, in the spirit of Jeep Wrangler, with a large multimedia screen on the center console. In both cases, there are additional “off-road” devices, a horizontal handrail for the front passenger and two levers on the central tunnel - the small one controls the transfer case.