2023 Ford EV SUV

This is the first image that shows that Ford is already working on the electric SUV that will use the same platform as the Volkswagen ID.4 , the MEB.

In principle it will arrive in 2023 and they hope to sell 600,000 units per year.


Unofficial Rendering




Ford’s new electric crossover is hunted again as soon as it hits the road.

  • Ford’s electric crossover will offer a sporty style You can’t tell it to the naked eye, but a closer look reveals that the hood of this electric crossover is the same as the German’s , as is much of the flatter, more vertical surface between the tall headlamps, which feature a thin strip on the upper edge for daytime running lights and turn indicators - the driver has not activated the right turn signal - so as not to reveal this feature.

  • However, the bumper is more prominent on the Ford model .Also compared to Volkswagen’s electric SUV and the Skoda Enyaq, the proportions are more contained and with a very different side: especially the front and rear doors are more angular.

  • The rear is also more wrapped in vinyl, preventing the pilots from being seen, but what we can see is a sportier set with a bulkier rear pillar, a clear indication that it will have more fixed glass and a visually lightened pillar.

  • The Ford Sport Electric Crossover hits the market in 2024 The prototype of Ford’s new electric crossover is also shod, with imposing 21-inch alloy wheels , giving a hint of sportier styling, even though the electric sports crossover is based on the MEB platform .

  • Until now, with no known name, the new model will be presented and launched on the market in 2024 with versions of one and two electric motors, all-wheel drive and a powerful lithium-ion battery with a net usable capacity of 77 kWh, with a range maximum that will exceed 500 kilometers .

Ford’s New Electric SUV Unofficial Rendering.
I really hope this is the way it should be.

Source: autobild.de

It is presented on March 21.

Source: https://twitter.com/i/status/1628780761238077446

New Renders

Source: autoweek.nl

ford ex 111111
232679-ford ex 1 (1)
232681-ford ex 1111
232682-ford ex 11111
232680-ford ex 11

Ford’s new electric crossover will have its official debut tomorrow, but the first images are already available. It was also revealed that it will bear the already familiar name Explorer.

Ford will launch several new electric models in the coming years, and one of them is the Explorer.

Indeed, Ford has previously hinted that it will use its “American heritage and aura” to boost profitability in Europe as it gradually transitions to offering all-electric vehicles.

Ford will abandon its small and midsize hatchbacks, such as the Fiesta and Focus, and focus on higher-margin SUVs/crossovers in Europe.

Ford plans to launch three all-new and all-electric vehicles in Europe over the next two years.

“We are taking the opportunity to reposition ourselves,” said Ford’s head of marketing in Germany, Christian Weingertner. “Our future models are more American and from 2030 they will all be electric,” he added.

Ford will soon stop production of the Fiesta, and the Cologne plant will focus on producing two all-electric cars based on the VW Group’s MEB platform.

The Explorer is one of them and will most likely be available with rear-wheel and all-wheel drive (a standard version with one motor and rear-wheel drive, and a variant with two motors and all-wheel drive).

There are no details about it yet (it will be announced tomorrow), but it will be described as a “rebellious, uncompromising SUV… redesigned for the era of electric vehicles.” However, two battery packs are expected, so the range will also differ depending on which version is chosen.

Ford and Volkswagen entered into a joint vehicle development agreement nearly three years ago, and the partnership is producing new models for both companies.

Volkswagen Group CEO Oliver Blume recently told Automotive News Europe that the partnership with Ford is “intensifying.” Blume’s comments come two months after Ford said it wanted to reduce its reliance on VW’s EV technology. The blue oval is investing in its own electric platform and borrowing Volkswagen’s MEB architecture to save time in developing electric vehicles for the European market. Ford plans to offer only electric vehicles on the continent by 2030, and models based on its platform are expected to hit the market later this decade.

Even as Ford shifts resources to in-house electric vehicle technology, the automaker has other projects with VW.

In addition to the electric Explorer, Ford is developing another MEB-based electric vehicle, code-named the “Sport Crossover,” which is similar to the Volkswagen ID.5.