2023 Honda Pilot

2023 Honda Pilot Renderings Imagine A Stylish, Sporty-Looking SUV

Honda will reveal the redesigned model later this year.

Honda hasn’t mentioned anything about the Pilot’s engine lineup. We don’t expect any significant changes, with the SUV’s current 3.6-liter V6 likely continuing its tour in the model. The engine currently produces 280 horsepower (205 kilowatts). The Pilot will allegedly ride on the same platform as the current Acura MDX.

We haven’t seen the interior, and that’s one area the renderings can’t show. However, it should receive an overhaul, just like the exterior.

We’re still waiting for Honda to announce the Pilot’s official debut date. We don’t expect it’ll be much longer now that the automaker is teasing the model. August is almost half over, and September will be here within a few weeks, so the clock is ticking for Honda to reveal the Pilot in 2022.

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2023 Honda Pilot Design Teaser.

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