2023 Hongqi QM7

Hongqi QM7. It will be released or even listed at the end of this year at the earliest. It may gradually replace Toyota Coaster and other models used in government agencies, and some companies will also choose to buy them. In fact, the appearance of this kind of minibus models is generally similar. Whether it is Toyota’s V506 and Hongqi’s new V506, Hyundai Condy and Nissan’s Bilian, etc., the overall design is exactly the same, with a square box shape and a similar The front face, even the color scheme is very similar. This type of model is similar to the popular long-distance buses before. Without looking at the logo, few people may be able to tell whose product it is at a glance.
The measurements of the V506 are much larger than the full-size SUVs and sedans commonly seen on the market. The measurements are 7295/2090/2785mm respectively, and the wheelbase is close to 4 meters, reaching 3990mm. The number of passengers is between 17 and 23, which is also the mainstream level. The engine is a 3.0T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 223 kilowatts, matched with an automatic transmission. In fact, there is not much news about this V506. But judging from Hongqi’s current actions, FAW hopes to build Hongqi into a brand that has made breakthroughs in all aspects. This is also one of the few mainstream auto brands that involves CMB models. Thanks to the characteristics of Hongqi itself, government agencies must give priority to buying and replacing previous models of other brands. On related occasions in the future, the Hongqi minibus will definitely be the most photographed one, and it is still worth looking forward to.