2023 Kia niro-based electric taxi (PBV01)

Electric taxi (PBV01) spy shot that Kia is developing based on the niro platform. It makes it easier for passengers to get on and off and has a spacious space in the back.


Source: autospy.net

Based on Kia Niro EV, it’s a taxi-only model (PBV01).
New Photos

Niro Taxi, Official Rendering.

Kia’s first mobility product, which has internal codename PBV01 and it uses many parts of the 1st generation Kia Niro EV was disclosed during brand Investor Day event held the last week and our colleagues at Hitekro created a rendering showing how it will look…

Source: Hitekro

kia niro plus(PBV01)

Source: autospy.net