2023 KTM X-Bow GT-XR

KTM is getting ready to unveil the new X-Bow GT-XR which is the road-going version of the GTX and GT2 racecars.

Reiter Engineering published the first official teaser, revealing the design of the front end and confirming the GT-XR name.

Interestingly, the bodywork of the GT-XR appears to be carried over from the GTX. Even the pronounced front splitter is retained. KTM made some room for the license plate between the bumper intakes, which got a new honeycomb pattern. The LED headlights could also be slightly different in order to comply with safety regulations.

The biggest difference in the design is the new active rear spoiler which replaces the massive swan-neck wing of the track-only GTX / GT2 variants. While smaller in size, it will produce enough downforce not only for the road but also for the track since most of the owners will probably enjoy it on track days. Another predictable change is the new set of wheels, with gold-finished five-spoke rims shod in road-legal tires.

Important updates are also expected inside the cabin with better sound insulation, less spartan looks, new seats, plus more technology, safety, and comfort-oriented features resulting in a slightly increased weight.

The face of the street-legal KTM X-Bow GT-XR