2023 Neta GT Coupe

The Neta GT was presented by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) on March 9.

The Neta GT’s exterior features include big headlights, hood “air vents,” and a body proportion that is similar to that of a conventional fuel sports car. The GT is marginally smaller than the Bentley Continental GT with dimensions of 4715/1979/1415 mm and a 2770 mm wheelbase.

The GT has four seats, but there doesn’t seem to be much room in the back, making it more of a 2+2 than a full-space four-seater. The GT also boasts large, frameless doors.

Internally, the dashboard is attractive and features a 17.6-inch touchscreen in the center, as well as a curved screen for the instrument panel. With a flat bottom and top, the three-spoke steering wheel is nearly square in shape. The leather seats appear to be cozy, but for a sports car, they feel a little flat.

A wireless charging plate in the center tunnel appears to be big enough for two devices.

According to the current information, Neta GT will provide a number of types, including single-motor rear drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive models, to pick from in terms of power. 560 and 580 kilometers, respectively, are the cruising ranges. In the future, Neta is willing to introduce versions with a 660-kilometer cruising range.

The new vehicle’s front motor and rear motor both have a maximum output of 170 kW each. This means that the dual-motor four-wheel drive version will have 340 kW, compared to 170 kW for the single-motor rear-wheel drive type. Both models have a 190 km/h top speed restriction.

Hozon Auto’s Neta electric vehicle brand was established in China in 2018. The Neta U-II SUV, the Neta V crossover, and the Neta S sedan are the three vehicles offered by the brand. Its fourth automobile is the Neta E. Similar to the Neta S sedan, it shares a basis.

With the GT expected to debut later this month, Neta’s product line will be further enhanced, and the sports theme of the company will be highlighted more.

Source: Weibo