2023 Peugeot 408(308 RXH)



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New Photos

SOurce: motor.es

Confirmed, it will be called 408.



The Peugeot 408X’s authentic road test photos have also officially hit the road. New car adopts the fastback design of the Fastback model, which is very handsome. The length of the new car is 4690mm, the height is only 1480mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2790mm. From the overseas models and spy photos, I believe that the front face of the Peugeot 408X is familiar to everyone. Compared with the Versailles C5 X, it is more dynamic and more recognizable. In the future, the power of the domestic version of this car is likely to be the main plug-in hybrid, while the fuel version will retain the 1.6T+8AT version.

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