2023 Toyota Alphard


It is reported that the development of the new Toyota Alphard test vehicle has been completed. The size of the vehicle is expected to be close to that of the current model. It will have a more trendy front face design, and may have more chrome-plated decorations. At the same time, the rigidity of the body will be further improved. reduce weight.
In addition, the new Toyota Alphard is expected to further improve ride comfort. After the vehicle is optimized and upgraded, it will have better convenience for getting on and off the car. The A-pillar triangular window may also be larger to improve the driving vision. The human-computer interaction performance will also become better.
In terms of power system, the new Alfa may give up the option of 3.5L V6 engine and replace it with Toyota’s latest 2.4T hybrid system, which has better fuel economy and driving quality. The 2.5L hybrid model forms a high-low match.

Filtered part of the design of the future generation of the Toyota Alphard

spy photos

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