2023 wey mpv

MPVs are very popular in China at the moment. The come in all kinds and sizes, powered by ICE, PHEV, and EV drive trains. The Wey MPV is expected to have a length of more than 5.3 meter and a wheelbase of about 3.2 meter. Wey will offer 4-seat, 6-seat, and 7-seat versions. The MPV will be based on Wey’s ‘Coffee Intelligence driving platform’. The MPV gets the new Lemon DHT-PHEV drive train, combining a 1.5T engine, an electric motor, and a 44.5 kWh ternary lithium battery pack. It has a sliding door on each side, large rear lights, and a very straight rear end. The front, by contract, is very streamlined, especially the windshield, which seems raked to the max. The grille is larger than we have seen on any Wey so far. It seems to be a full size MPV with a short nose and sliding doors.


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