2024 Abarth Fastback

Fiat Fastback Abarth will be launched in Brazil on October 26th

The prototypes spotted without the crates and with their final parts, the body only received the traditional zebra camouflage. Despite speculation in some media, the 2024 Abarth Fastback will not have a sunroof. At the front, the 2024 Abarth Fastback will have the same front as the Pulse Abarth with the honeycomb grille finished in glossy black. Headlights have a black mask and a finish simulating carbon fiber that sits above the light cluster. On the side, the Fiat Fastback Abarth 2024 will have stickers alluding to the sports line. The fender moldings will not be as prominent as on the Pulse Abarth, they will also be painted, following the body color.At the rear, the highlight will be the double chrome exhaust outlet. At the rear, the Fiat Fastback prototype with the final parts boasted a double exhaust outlet with a chrome tip. The trunk lid will have a discreet spoiler. The bumper is exclusive and will be painted following the body color in a larger area than other versions of the SUV Coupé. In terms of interior finishing, the Fiat Fastback Abarth 2024 will have finishes in dark tones with red details like Pulse Abarth. The seats will be covered in synthetic material. The panel will have a black leather appliqué with double red stitching.

Source:Fiat Fastback Abarth 2024 passa por testes finais | Autos Segredos