2024 Aion AH8

a set of road test spy photos of Aion new SUV model from online channels. The internal code name of the car is expected to be Aion AH8, or it may be positioned as a pure electric large SUV. It will be equipped with Three rows of seats, but it’s unclear when it will be unveiled. Based on the current spy photos, Aion AH8 is still in the testing stage, but the overall outline has been basically finalized. The headlights will adopt a split design. The upper light group may be closer to the shape of Aio HT, forming a family design style. The design of the lower front surround adopts a relatively traditional symmetrical design. The side shape of Aion AH8 is smooth, with hidden door handles. The exterior rearview mirror also functions as a turn signal. The tail shape is square and the irregular-shaped rear taillight group also brings high recognition. It is worth mentioning that the Aion AH8 test vehicle exposed this time is also equipped with driving assistance test tools. It is expected that the vehicle will also support high-level driving assistance functions and be equipped with lidar. For the interior, Aion AH8 will adopt the same design style as Aion HT, but it is expected to be upgraded in terms of configuration and materials. At the same time, the car will also adopt a three-seater layout, but it is still unclear whether it will be 2+2+2 or 2+2+3. In addition, it is expected that Aion AH8 will be produced based on GAC’s self-developed AEP3.0 pure electric platform, and some spare parts will be provided by Aion. We will continue to pay attention to more information about Aion AH8.

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New Photos


New Photos