2024 Bentley Flying Spur V8 PHEV

A black Flying Spur test vehicle was among a fleet of Bentley vehicles that were observed doing a test drive with little cover from the elements. Some scouts informed us that the drivers hurried to conceal the car whenever the convoy parked, which sounded a little odd. As it turned out, there was a purpose for why the car was doing a winter road test on open roadways.

This is perhaps the first time I’ve seen the Bentley flagship sedan with a V8 engine, as there have been reports that the automaker is working on a plug-in hybrid version. As you can see, the front fascia and exhaust pipes are different from those on the current Flying Spur V6 PHEV. Most interesting, though, is that according to our photographers, this prototype’s engine and exhaust noises were more sonorous, leading us to suspect an eight-cylinder engine might be hiding beneath the hood.

Bentley is expected to receive a version of Porsche’s electrified V8 with a plug in the Flying Spur, making it more powerful than the W12 version.

Source: motor1.com