2024 bmw x3

BMW is preparing to release its flexible car architecture for the sake of a dedicated EV platform. And they even have a name that works for it “Neue Klasse.”

The first model to use the architecture of a new electric car may be the next generation BMW X3.

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New Renderings
The premiere of the novelty is expected closer to 2024.

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New Renderings

BMW X3 Plug-In Hybrid Spied Up Close.

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BMW X3 M50i ?

2024 BMW X3 Plug-In Hybrid Spied As Model Embraces Electrification
We’re still waiting to learn more about exactly what BMW will drop under the hood of the X3 for its 20th-anniversary refresh, but we assume that combustion and hybrid powertrains will make it to the menu, plus an electric iX3 that will look almost identical, but be built around BMW’s Neue Klasse platform, not the older CLAR architecture the other X3s will stick with.

At the performance end of the range, we’ll find the X3M model. Power is expected to come from the M3’s turbocharged straight-six engine. Earlier this year we reported on rumors that BMW might not replace the fastback X4, preferring to put its efforts into the iX4 EV instead.

2024 BMW X3’s Curved Monitor Leak.

Spy photographers have captured a camouflaged BMW test vehicle with quad pipes at the back, indicating it is above the base trim. The brakes don’t appear aggressive enough for an M badge, and the ride height isn’t as low as expected. It could be a next-gen X3 M40i.

Source: motor1.com