2024 BYD YangWang Large Sedan

BYD YangWang new huge EV sedan spied in China. Mercedes EQS rival.

A new electric car being developed by the YangWang brand of BYD will compete with high-end EVs like the Porsche Taycan, Mercedes EQS, and BMW i7. It includes a total of three screens inside and three LiDAR sensors. Four electric motors with a combined output of 1,180 hp might be used to symbolize the powertrain. Let’s learn more about the mysterious YangWang sedan.

The YangWang sedan is situated at one of BYD’s servicing zones, as can be seen in surveillance photos. The Chaser 07 PHEV car, which made its debut at the 2023 Shanghai Motor Show, is visible in the background. Returning to the YangWang sedan, it has a body length of more than 5 meters and resembles a full-size sedan. It has two additional LiDAR sensors on each front fender, a continuous sloped bonnet line, slanted rear pillars, a LiDAR sensor on top of the roof, and two more LiDARs. We can observe that the wheels on this vehicle have a distinctive five-spoke design with the YangWang insignia in the center. Its doors have retractable knobs and no frames.

The YangWang sedan uses the same screen arrangement inside as the YangWang U8 SUV, as can be seen. A 12.8-inch-diameter LCD instrument screen is on the instrument panel. The main screen measures 23.6 inches in diameter and is shaped like a trapeze. It is therefore a very huge monitor. Moreover, the front passenger had a separate 12.8-inch screen. As we can see right now, the YangWang sedan’s inside is noticeably incomplete. This indicates that testing for this vehicle has just begun.

In the market for top-of-the-line, luxurious electric sedans, the YangWang sedan will go up against fierce competition. Many formidable rivals exist, including the EQS, i7, HiPhi Z, and other remarkable cars. BYD has the resources necessary to produce a product that is competitive, though.


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New Photos (That Will Be The Name U6)

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