2024 BYD YangWang U9

YangWang U9 is an electric supercar manufactured by BYD under its high-end brand YangWang. With 1,084 horsepower and 0-100 km/h acceleration in 2 seconds, it is BYD’s tap into the supersports market.

The sales start date wasn’t officially announced, but I expect it in the first half of 2024.

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The Yangwang U9 supercar is likely to go on sale next year.

From the nameplate published today by the Chinese Ministry of Industry, we learned that the four-motor powertrain of the Yangwang U9 will be more powerful than expected: each wheel has an electric motor with a maximum output of 240 kW, totaling 960 kW or 1305 hp.

Maximum speed is limited at 300 km/h. Overall length of the supercar - 4966 mm, width - 2029 mm, height - 1295 or 1338 mm depending on the modification, wheelbase - 2900 mm. The standard size of wheels is 275/35 R 21 at the front and 325/30 R 21 at the rear.

The body of Yangwang U9 is composite, suspensions are assembled on metal subframes, but the details of the design have not yet been revealed. But we can already admire the interior, it can be called more luxurious, rather than sporty. Comfortable armchairs are equipped with a lot of electric adjustments. Three screens are installed in the front panel at once, including entertainment for the passenger. Leather, suede and carbon fiber are widely used in the trim.

Yangwang U9 will have at least two versions: the one equipped with a high antifender on the stern, is oriented on the track and probably has some special chassis settings.