2024 Cadillac Lyriq-V

A fresh batch of spy images showing a curious-looking Lyriq in public with some well-placed camouflage, which confirms claims of a Cadillac Lyriq-V in development. But it’s not difficult to spot performance-focused details that suggest this is a Lyriq-V test car.

Begin at the front. The small design modification of the lower fascia, which notches up slightly at the bottom, is not concealed by camouflage. Moreover, the camo wrap does not cover the mesh pattern in the lower holes, which is visible on V-series cars but not on the basic Lyriq. The camouflage wrap around the side initially gives the impression that nothing is being concealed, but there is a slight change to the rocker trim that is carried over to a revised rear fascia.

Despite that, this test car has a black exterior with glaringly no chrome accent. That alone isn’t a smoking gun because i frequently see prototype vehicles modified for testing. A lack of chrome would, however, be a fantastic fit for a V model when coupled with the obvious alterations on this Caddy. And lest we forget, the Lyriq-V model name was recently purportedly leaked on a legitimate Cadillac website.

That starts at 500 hp, and Spy sources believe a Lyriq-V could stretch to that to 600 hp or more.

SOurce: motor1.com

New Photos

Source: https://cadillacsociety.com/