2024 Dacia(Renault) Crossover Coupe

A C-segment crossover based on the CMF-B platform of the Captur, the Arkana is available to configure in three well-equipped flavors. The so-called evolution with a lowercase ‘e’ starts at 31,000 euros in France, meaning 33,470 dollars at current exchange rates. The Rafale is expected to kick off at 44,000 euros or thereabouts, which is a bit steep for… excuse my French… an effing front-drive Renault.

Lower down the spectrum, Renault could very well apply the coupe-SUV recipe to the Dacia Duster. That’s exactly what rendering artist X-Tomi Design did to the all-new Duster, which is quite a bit cheaper than the aforementioned Arkana (and the Captur).

The design study remains faithful to the real thing, whereas X-Tomi’s execution of the rear end has a whiff of “could be” to it. The Renault-owned Romanian automaker is believed to be working on a coupe-styled crossover as part of the C-Neo project, but due to the lack of any official confirmation from Dacia, that’s nothing more than wishful thinking.