2024 Ferrari 812 Successor

Spy photos of Ferrari’s new V12 supercar may be launched in 2024

A set of test spy photos of a new Ferrari supercar.

The slender front hood and large-sized air guide grooves on the front enclosure suggest this will be a grumpy performance machine.

It is understood that the new car is expected to be the successor of the Ferrari 812, or it will be equipped with a fully upgraded V12 engine. It is expected to be officially launched in 2024.

Ferrari 812 Prototype Spied With Some Weird Fake Exhaust Pipes

The mule of the future relay of the Ferrari 812

Source: motor.es

New Photos

Source: www.ferrarichat.com

New Photos


mule of the upcoming successor of 812.

Source:Walter Vayr

New Photos

At the beginning of May 2024, the Prancing Horse of Maranello will unleash the successor to the 812 Superfast. Internally referred to as F167 versus F152M for the outgoing series of twelve-cylinder grand tourers, the newcomer will obviously be offered in the form of a convertible.