2024 Ford Mustang S650

The first tests of the new Ford Mustang S650 have started in the United States, with some spy photos in the central base of Dearborn. It’s will arrive in 2024.

A long bonnet and a very rear passenger compartment, the aesthetic keys of a very high-performance sports car, together with a shorter rear part, where the pilots also shine in the usual vertical arrangement. An indication that these optical groups will change but maintaining the three typical bars that make it perfectly recognizable as a Mustang. The new sports car also sports a pair of exhaust pipes, perfectly integrated into the bumper.

For now, there are no images of the interior, but the American firm promises that it will also offer a new and evolved design in which sportsmanship will not be at odds with connectivity . In terms of mechanics, the future Mustang will not give up the powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine , but a hybrid mechanic will be mandatory if it wants to remain an option in Europe. In this case, the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder block is expected to receive electric assistance .

Source: Motor.es

2024 Ford Mustang Gives Us Our First Look Inside Revealing Fancier And Techier Dash

Looking like a vast improvement over the outgoing pony car, the 2024 Mustang features a digital instrument cluster with a circular speedometer and tachometer. They’re separated by a wide vehicle information area, which is showing a “steering assist fault” on this prototype.

Speaking of displays, the Mustang has been equipped with an all-new infotainment system that flows into the digital instrument cluster and is mounted higher on the dashboard. It resides above rectangular air vents, which feature metallic surrounds.

Further below, there’s a push-button ignition and a dedicated volume knob. The two are separated by a row of switches that provide easy access to the engine start/stop system and traction control system. We can also see a ‘pony’ switch and one with a star above it.

Elsewhere, there are easy to access USB ports and an evolutionary shifter. They’re joined by a classy leather-wrapped handbrake and metallic-rimmed cup holders. The prototype also sports a new flat-bottomed steering wheel that appears more ergonomic, less clustered, and far more modern. Other notable highlights include metallic door handles and a redesigned dashboard.

Source: carscoops.com

2024 Ford Mustang Uncovered.

The seventh-generation Ford Mustang has been finally photographed without camouflage on its polarizing front end. From the LED headlights to the shape of the upper grille and the vents on the front bumper, a lot has to been taken in.

Aggressive Next-Gen Ford Mustang Prototype Spied Cruising With Mach 1.

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