2024 Ford Or Lincoln Sporty Model


it could potentially be some sort of design mockup for the next-generation Mustang Mach-E. It’s difficult to tell what, exactly, resides underneath that heavy wrap, but it certainly looks like some sort of mockup or concept. There are no side mirrors present, and it’s wearing very thin tires, which could be clues that it isn’t any kind of road-worthy model, however. Up top, the roofline looks quite a bit like the one present on the Kia EV6, is very crossover-like, with a steeply sloping rear hatch area and a relatively flat, vertical rear end. t could be the rumored Mach-E “coupe” model listed on a recent future product roadmap. Either way, the next-gen Mach-E The aerodynamic shape and the sporty details fuel our curiosity of what is hiding under the cover? its aerodynamic silhouette featuring a comparably short bonnet, large diameter wheels, a sleek roofline, and a Kam-tail design at the back. The lower part is uncovered, revealing some of its bumper trim and side sills finished in black, contrasting with the white-painted bodywork. it is not clear if the model is wearing Ford or Lincoln badges,

It’s just an electric concept car.