2024 Great Wall Cannon 6x6

The Great Wall Shanhai Cannon 6x6 2023/2024MY spotted during tests in China .
It may be equipped with a mild hybrid V6 3.0T~

Regarding looks, the new car continues to use a family-style design aesthetic. Strong auras emanate from the headlights and the huge air intake grille. The air intake pipe on the A-pillar is also visible, which furthers the vehicle’s wild appearance.

The car is essentially the same as the Shanhai Cannon, although the cargo box tailgate appears to have abandoned the multi-section design from the Shanhai Cannon in favor of a more traditional design.

An interesting pic showing a 6×6 in front, a 4×4 in the middle, and another 6×6 in the background. The latter appears to have a slightly shorter bed.

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It’s very fresh.

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