2024 Honda FREED

Honda is developing a new model of its compact MPV, the FREED.
This is the third generation of the model, and it looks like it will be a bit bigger than before.



The exterior is a continuation of the concept, with a new front face, increased overall length, and a more spacious interior to improve usability.


The front pillar has a different cross-sectional structure than before, and is designed to transfer the load to the body in the event of a collision. **The front A-pillar is so thin that it feels a little uncomfortable, but it will definitely reduce the obstruction of the vision when turning right and left.

In the interior, the front seat adopts a new generation of “body stabilizing seat” that has been newly developed with the aim of being installed in high-end sedans, and the seat structure realizes a soft and comfortable seat that is difficult to get tired even when driving for a long time**,** Equipped with an “auto brake hold” function, it remains stationary even if the brake pedal is released during a stop, and is released when the accelerator is pressed, so it plays an active role in traffic jams**.** Telescopic & tilt steering mechanism allows you to drive in the best position from large to small. "With the Parking Brake System, four sensors are placed on the rear bumper to detect obstacles in the rear and alert you with sounds and displays.

When will it debut?

It will debut in September 2024.



New Photo


New Photos


Honda’s new FREED comes in two versions: the AIR and the crossover-type CROSSTAR.

Freed CROSSTAR Render

Freed Air Render

NEW Honda FREED Estimated specifications

Length: 4280mm ・Width: 1695mm ・Overall height: 1720mm
Wheelbase: 2750mm ・Vehicle weight: 1450kg
Engine: Direct 4 DOHC, 1.5L ・Peak power/maximum torque: 106ps/13.0kgm ・Motor power/torque: 123ps/25.8kgm
Transmission: Electric continuously variable transmission
Estimated price: 2.8-2.9 million yen

New Photos

2024 Honda FREED_2024-03-08 085327
2024 Honda FREED_2024-03-08 085251
2024 Honda FREED_2024-03-08 085315

New Render


Honda Freed CROSSTAR


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