2024 Hongqi E001

During road tests, the FAW Hongqi E001 electric sedan’s production model was spotted in China.
Compared to the version displayed at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, there are several obvious differences.

Its front end appears to have been changed from the pre-production version, as can be seen. Since the E001 is an electric vehicle, it has a sizable replica radiator grille in black, aggressive air vents, and a chrome-plated front spoiler. Moreover, it had new headlights. They now have a smoother form. Actually, the running light is in the block of lights’ upper portion. The lower portion also conceals the high beam component.

The E001 seems identical from the side. However there are numerous alterations to its back. The E001’s rear bumper now appears much less aggressive. It lacks several of those aerodynamic components. Moreover, the taillight assemblies shrunk as well. The E001 thus appears more elegant.

A unique-looking curved screen that serves as both the instrument panel and main screen is featured inside the E001. The two spokes and rectangular design of the steering wheel add to its distinctiveness. The gear selector appears to be located immediately behind the steering wheel. Two cup holders and a small storage are present in the center tunnel. There are two wireless phone charging pads on the Hongqi E001’s armrest. The door cards lack handles, which is worth pointing out. By pressing a button, they can be opened.

The new FME platform, which allows 800V charging, is where the Hongqi E001 is located. Unknown are the car’s dimensions. The Hongqi H5 ICE vehicle continues to be its closest competitor in terms of size, nevertheless. The E001 therefore has a body length of about 5 meters. Two electric motors that together produce 455 kW (619 hp) of power and a maximum torque of 756 Nm drive the E001. It will take 3.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h.

Source: weibo.com