2024 Hongqi L5

The new generation of Hongqi L5 has a more advanced design, thicker front face, raised center grille, retro round lamp, and improved visual impact.

The Hongqi L5 has been lengthened, elongated, and more coordinated, with the taillights no longer too obtrusive and the exhaust optimized.

In addition, rather than being unique, the interior has changed to be more conventional. All of the physical buttons are centered in the middle gear area of the center console, which now features a through-type dual screen throughout and still has the wood grain ornamentation.

Wide and with Asian influences, the outfit is wide. Redesigned to function as two separate seats, the back seats have been moved to the back. Adjustable features on the seats include the backrest and front and rear angles. The vehicle’s entertainment system and air conditioning can be managed by a sizable armrest in the center of the seat.

The current L5 is powered by a 6.0L V12 engine, but the new model may use a 4.0T V8 powertrain.