2024 Hyundai i30 Wagon

Hyundai i30 Wagon Facelift Makes Spy Photo Debut, Should Arrive For 2024.

Two prototypes were seen outside the Hyundai technical headquarters in Germany by a spy photographer. You wouldn’t be wrong to assume that these white four-doors resemble the i30 hatchback and fastback prototypes at first glance. Although a closer glance at the back of the automobiles reveals a little more cargo in the trunk, the black roof rails should be a dead giveaway that these vehicles are wagons. Due to the C-lengthy pillar’s roof shape, the side glass is obviously larger.

Due to this, a longer body is concealed by dense camouflage at the back. The added length behind the wheel is noticeable in comparison to earlier sightings. The design’s specifics are completely hidden, although the mesh does allow us to view the new taillights. On one prototype, strangely, strong camo does not extend forward to the doors, thus we can see that nothing significant is going on there.

When all is considered, a sizable amount of camouflage likely covers a quite minor change. Because of this, we anticipate that the interior of the i30 won’t undergo much (if any) alterations. There’s always a chance that the touchscreen will need to be modified, as well as the trim. Similarly, we don’t anticipate any engine changes to the powertrain.

Source: motor1.com