2024 Mercedes V-Class Facelift

Two updated V-Class prototypes were seen by Automedia. The car with the Westfalia roof equipment appears to be a higher-end model based on its tinted wheels, tinted bumpers, and wheels. The light camouflage on the front ends of both vehicles suggests potential modifications to the headlamps and grilles. There isn’t much of a disguise in the back, so we shouldn’t anticipate anything more than fresh artwork for the taillights.

The interior appears to be in line for even more significant upgrades. The dashboard of the V-Class will include two screens instead of the previous, more traditional configuration with a tiny center display and analog gauges in the instrument cluster, as shown in these first interior pictures. Furthermore new, the center console below the infotainment display has physical controls for the climate.

The huge console with infotainment buttons is located between the front seats, farther below. There is also a touchpad in the middle, so there are a variety of methods to operate the infotainment system. Another new addition is the steering wheel, which has what appear to be capacitive touch buttons. Just beside the steering wheel on the steering column, the gearshifter is still present.

Later this year, the updated V-Class is probably going to arrive in Europe.

Mercedes V-Class facelift spy photos