2024 MG Cyberster



The patent drawings of the production model of that electric open two-seater.

There are no technical specifications yet, so we have to make do with the very enthusiastic figures that MG gave the Cyberster. The Cyberster Concept was on paper capable of a 0-100 sprint in less than 3 seconds and an electric range of 800 kilometers.

2024 as a possible introduction year.

2021 Concept car

Leaked patent images have revealed the design of the upcoming MG Cyberster.

Source: autocar.co.uk

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MG Cyberster will be the first 100% electric roadster among generalist brands. A model that is taking shape in China and the key reason why spy photos are counted.

Just under two and a half months before its debut, a prototype has been seen parked in a garage.

Based on the same platform as the MG4, but with a more dynamic tuning of the chassis. Two electric motors with a power of up to 428 HP and powerful batteries, 64 and 77 kWh.

No Camouflage Spy Photos

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2024 MG Cyberster is cool!!

MG Cyberster is a two-seat electric sports car with a convertible fabric top.
Lamborghini doors, scissor doors, 3D LED tail lights, large diffuser, alloy wheels, wide rear haunches, and side skirts create a unique identity.

The steering yoke provides an unobstructed view of the three displays.

Source: Tycho de Feijter

MG Cyberster leaked without disguise.

The new car is expected to open soon. unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The MG Cyberster adopts a compact body with streamlined body lines and a short front to reduce drag coefficient. The front surround is exaggerated with large Vents based on aerodynamic considerations.

The new car has a supercar temperament, with ribs extending to the side of the body and spoilers integrated in the side skirts. The taillights and aerodynamic kit are combined together, and the two turn signals are two arrows. The length, width and height of the car are 4535/1913/1329mm, and the wheelbase is 2690mm.

It will have a single-motor high-low power version and a dual-motor version with a maximum power of 231 kilowatts and 250 kilowatts, respectively, and four-wheel drive.