2024 nio es6

The existing ES6 is a product of the old platform, whereas NIO’s new-generation products are built on the NT2.0 platform. The new ES6 sports a lidar-like device on the top of the vehicle, and when combined with the camera configuration on both sides and the “watchtower” travel architecture, it is clear that it is outfitted with the NIO Aquila super-sensing system.

The car in the spy photos is heavily camouflaged, and while the front’s main profile resembles that of the previous version, the detail design has been updated. The split lamp group as well as the thin, strip-like daytime running lights It’s wise to distinguish between old and new models.

The ES6’s thin, through-type taillights, which are fashioned like a strip, should be familiar to friends who have seen the current generation of ES8 genuine automobiles. Yeah, it adheres to the family’s most recent design aesthetic. A sense of strength is conveyed by the new car’s reasonably complete contour throughout the entire rear.

The new car’s interior mostly maintains the interior design aesthetic of the previous generation model, but if you are a fan of Weilai, you can still quickly distinguish the differences between the two. That’s correct; the air outlet has been changed to a hidden kind, giving the interior of the automobile a more streamlined look that more closely reflects the current minimalism trend. The buttons on the right side of the shift area have also been updated to the newest style at the same time.

Regarding the battery, it could be fitted with a regular battery pack (75 kWh) with a CLTC battery life of 465 kilometers, a long battery pack (100 kWh) with a battery life of 605 kilometers, or an ultra-long battery pack (150kWh). Up to 900 kilometers can be covered by the battery.