2024 Nissan Aryia NISMO

Nissan previously confirmed that it would hand its electric vehicles over to its high-performance division, Nismo. Now, we’re getting our first look at what the engineers have been working at.
Our first spy photos of the upcoming Nissan Ariya Nismo have arrived, and although it looks a little tall and ungainly on the track, we can already see some of the ways in which it will differentiate itself from the standard model. Caught running at the Nurburgring, the model actually has quite a few performance additions, starting with the rear wing. In addition to the rooftop spoiler that can be found on the standard model, Nismo has added a rear wing just over the taillights that will presumably improve handling in high-speed corners.

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Nissan Ariya Nismo Unofficially Revealed

After several weeks of the first sighting, the test specimen of the future Ariya Nismo has been hunted again. And if the first sighting occurred in an environment as idyllic as the aforementioned German layout, this time the environment is equally interesting. It was surprised recharging his battery in a Tesla Supercharger .

The Ariya Nismo variant will be quickly recognizable. It will feature different exclusive design elements. Some elements related to the body or tires. Logically, the most powerful motorization of the Ariya is taken as a starting point. In addition, the tuning of the chassis will be improved.

The development of Ariya Nismo is in an initial stage. Therefore, it will not be until (at the earliest) the year 2025