2024 Porsche 911 Facelift

Spy photos Porsche 911 Turbo Cabrio Facelift 2024

Atmospheric, Turbo and hybrid. These three will be the versions that will reach the Porsche 911 Facelift range that the German brand has delayed for a few more months. New information indicates that the iconic German sports car will arrive in 2024 after needing extra time to ensure perfection in set-up, especially the third.

New Photos

The new 911 has sharp front and rear lights! First ever mild HV

As before, it will have four projector daylights, but they will be slimmer, more precise, and more luminous, like the “Taikan”. In addition, there will be built-in blinker lights. As you can see from the latest scoop image posted here, the blinkers on the upper left and right sides in the front air intake grille have disappeared. *Photo #5.

The plastic grille, which was not well received on the current 992 model, has been improved by replacing the three horizontal bars on the left and right sides with five vertical louvers. Needless to say, a variable flap function was incorporated here to increase or decrease the cooling air volume and adjust aerodynamic drag.

Changes can also be seen at the rear. The optional fixed spoiler is mounted in the scoop photo, but the grille below the rear window has been reshaped, and the rear combination lights that extend the full width of the body below it are slimmer and more modern-looking. The exhaust pipes are aligned closer to the center. Second photo.

In this facelift model, the analog meter disappears completely and becomes all-digital, i.e., like the Taikan and the BEV version of the Makan introduced in other sections. There will be a 12.6-inch digital cockpit in front of the driver, and a 10.9-inch infotainment display in front of the passenger in addition to the center of the dashboard.

The engine will be the familiar horizontally opposed six-cylinder with a displacement of 3.0L, but it will finally be a 48V mHEV (mild hybrid).

Combined with a 2 kWh battery and an 80 hp Integrated Starter Generator (ISG), Porsche calls it a T-mHEV (turbocharged-mild hybrid), which means that smooth auto-start from idle is finally a reality.

And then there’s the power-up of the engine itself. Presumably, the peak output of the standard Carrera will increase from 385 hp to at least 395 hp.

Similarly, the Carrera S will go from 450 hp to the level of the current Carrera GTS (480 hp), while the current Carrera GTS will get a new naturally aspirated 3.6L horizontally opposed six-cylinder, which may even reach the 500 hp line.

The high-end model of the 911 series, the 911 GT2 RS, is currently being developed on the Nürburgring North Course in cooperation with a private team, but it is said to be equipped with an electric turbo and could reach a peak output of 750 horsepower.

Source: carview.yahoo.co.jp


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