2024 Roewe i5

The redesigned Roewe i5’s front face will embrace a fresh design aesthetic in terms of look. The front grille has been modified from the current model’s standard design. shows off the new car’s dynamic personality. The front face is made to appear compact and visually striking by moving the Roewe brand LOGO to the top of the grille and adding sharp headlamps to both sides.

The new car’s rear shape resembles that of the existing model, but a through-type taillight group has taken its place. The new car has a body that measures 4676/1838/1498mm in length, breadth, and height, with a 2680mm wheelbase. The length, width, and height have all been significantly improved over the Roewe i5 model. The new vehicle will also come with two tire sizes: 205/60 R16 and 205/50 R17. The new vehicle is powered by a 1.5L engine that can produce a maximum of 129 horsepower (95kW)