2024 Shelby Mustang Prototype

Exclusive! Next-Gen Ford Mustang Shelby Spied Testing

We doubt this is the next GT500, but it’s still one of the first custom seventh-gen Mustangs to get excited about.

Our exclusive images show a pretty straightforward camouflaged seventh-gen Mustang body, but without any interesting aerodynamic bodywork nor the expected massive rear wing. It does appear to be a Dark Horse, or at least something based on the Dark Horse, given the distinctive grille mesh and wheels, though it goes without the wing shown at the Dark Horse’s launch.

It’s possible we’re simply looking at a Mustang Shelby GT, the tamest Mustang Shelby, a slightly hotter tweak on the standard Mustang GT available from Ford. It was spotted next to a supercharged sixth-gen Mustang Shelby Super Snake, so it could also be new version of that without the bodywork yet. Even though there are shots of the camouflaged car’s hood raised, it’s not easy to see whether it has forced induction; the intake tracts from the airboxes seem to line up with standard 2024 Mustang 5.0 V-8 fare, without any additional bits that would suggest a supercharger or turbos, but again, the view is pretty hazy.
Still, it’s no surprise that Shelby is one of the first to get their hands on developing a hotter 2024 Ford Mustang. We’re not sure it’s the next GT500.