2024 Subaru Sport Mobility Concept

Subaru has listed exhibits for the Tokyo Japan Mobility Show, which opens its doors to journalists on October 25. The main premiere will be the newest electric show car, and the brand will also demonstrate production models. Let’s start with the concept.

The prototype was called Subaru Sport Mobility Concept. Judging by the only teaser at the moment, the Japanese will show a coupe, and it has a rather unusual design. So, the two-door received narrow head optics, consisting of LED strips and “strokes”, plus the concept received “squared” wheel arches. There are luminous sections on the windshield, but the company did not talk about the purpose of this element. There is also no word yet about the filling; Subaru only noted that the concept “reflects the evolution of the brand’s sporting values.”

Most likely, Subaru Sport Mobility will remain a show car, however, later some design solutions may well migrate to the brand’s new electric vehicles.