2024 Toyota GRMN Supra

Rumors and reports about the Toyota GRMN Supra have been floating around the internet since 2020. First appearing on BestCar and Spyder7 claiming the GRMN Supra would make up to 520 horsepower from the BMW 3.0L S58 Turbocharged Inline 6 and would be limited to 200 Units. But, after 2 years of no confirmation there was finally more details about the GRMN Supra. New rumors and reports suggest from sources Motor1 and BestCar claim the GRMN Supra will arrive before the Mk6 Supra EV and will pack 543 horsepower using the S58 engine from BMW M. There has yet to be any official spy shots of the GRMN Supra but renders speculate what it may look like. A reveal is likely to happen before the end of the year and release could be early next year.

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