2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado(Land Cruiser 250)

The Toyota New Land Cruiser Prado, a fully remodeled version of Toyota’s Land Cruiser Prado, is finally scheduled to be announced and released in the fall and winter of 2023.

Strictly speaking, according to information available at Toyota dealers, it will be renamed the “Land Cruiser 250” (in effect, the successor to the Land Cruiser Prado), and it is believed that the purpose is to clarify its position as the little brother of the new Land Cruiser 300, the flagship SUV. The “Lancel’s first hybrid” will be installed in the “Lancel Prado”.

However, this hybrid system will be exported not for the Japanese market but for overseas markets, and if so, we are wondering what kind of powertrain will be installed in the Land Cruiser 250 for the Japanese market.

The new Land Cruiser 250 is also expected to be launched in the Japanese market, and according to information from my usual Toyota dealer, it will be based on a gasoline model with a 2.7L inline 4-cylinder engine and a diesel model with a 2.8L inline 4-cylinder engine, and there are no plans for a hybrid There are no plans to add a hybrid system to the lineup.

However, this will still be different from the staff manual distributed by the manufacturer, so specific information will probably not be rolled out until summer 2023.



New Renders

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado next generation: new images

The new Prado will be based on the same body as the GX, with a retro-style vertical grille and modern LED headlights. The bumper features a black contrasting center segment and body-colored elements with square inserts. Large vertical lights will appear at the rear, with a brand letter and model name to the left.


20230726_NewLandCruiser7 (1)

The US version of the Land Cruiser will be released on August 1st


Leaked 3-door verison

Leaked (Chinese Version)