2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz LWB

A prototype of the ID. Buzz LWB was being tested in Northern Finland, with almost any camouflage. The trial vehicle now sports the production model’s front fascia instead of the Multivan’s front end of the van from April last year. No hints of a disguise can be seen anywhere on the body, which suggests that VW is almost done with the model’s development.

The lengthened version will have a longer wheelbase, as seen in the pictures, and the size of the back doors gives an indication of the extra length. According to early estimates, the LWB will measure 10.6 inches (30 centimeters) longer than the conventional model, which is 4.71 meters long. The lengthier version will cross the five-meter mark if these calculations are correct.

With so much extra room, it will be possible to install up to three rows of chairs, which will reportedly be attached on a rail system that will allow them to move freely in all directions and allow for rotation, swiveling, and sliding. Logic tells us the longer wheelbase will also free up more space for a larger battery pack, so we also anticipate gains in the cargo area. We can’t yet confirm whether this means that the ID. Buzz LWB will be available with a larger battery, but there have been reports about a new 111 kWh battery pack.

VW ID. Buzz LWB new spy photos