2025 Avatr E16(Avatr 16)

Avatr E16 spy shots.

The E16 and Avatr 07 are quite closely related and should be of a similar size. Most likely the wheelbase will be exactly the same at 2940 mm. Height of course will be lower than the 07’s 1620 mm but the length and width of 4825 and 1980 mm respectively should be quite similar on the E16.

Clearly the spy shots show the extended range EV version and the Avatr E16 will come in both all-electric and EREV versions. The motor setup is likely to be the same as with the Avatr 07. This means for the EV, single motor versions use a 252 kW motor on the rear axle with dual motor versions adding a 188 kW motor to the front. Range-extenders will use a 1.5 liter engine for generation. Motion will likely come from a 231 kW motor on the rear axle with an additional 131 kW motor at the front for all-wheel drive versions.

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