2025 BMW M EV Concept Prototype

BMW is working on the first proper M car with fully electric 4WD propulsion, and this rolling laboratory provides a first taste of it.

BMW M says its future high-performance models will retain typical brand characteristics. But the first signs show they will take those attributes to a whole new level. BMW drivers achieved significantly higher cornering speeds, even on rain-soaked or snow-covered roads.

BMW M Quad-Motor EV

It has the M4 CSL’s grille and possibly carbon-ceramic brakes.

BMW M has already made preparations to ramp up testing of quad-motor EVs for 2023. We can only assume the i3 Sedan, which is based on the Neue Klasse, will receive the powerful setup. The normal model will be available in 2025, thus the earliest a M variant will be available is in 2026 or 2027. Until the ICE-powered model is phased out, only time will tell if it will coexist quietly with the inline-six M3.

SOurce: motor1.com