2025 bmw m3(lci)

BMW The experiments for an entire badge on the German brand’s half-life update were where it all began. The M3 sports vehicle He has been pursued while strolling along one of the typical test routes surrounding the high-performance home of those in Munich with the front and rear sections concealed. The most radical and extreme model in the Series 3 lineup has already begun the first facelift testing for release in 2024.

Similar to the M4 Coupe and M4 Cabrio, the M3 You will also get a package of stylistic enhancements. Development is still in its very early stages since only the central portion of this prototype could be seen in the first spy images. Although the internal design will change, the front headlamps won’t. The shape of the LED daylight has changed position and adopted the most contemporary style as exhibited by Series 3, while the front defense features the most aggressive design of the M Competition edition.

Spy pictures 2025 BMW M3 Facelift

A bumper that already displays the M3 Touring and has a second section in the bottom leafy air intakes is a standard piece of equipment. Although in a few months this region will also be covered with camouflage, there are now no alterations behind, maintaining the original appearance completely. The very initial state of this test unit demonstrates that BMW M has begun with the convenient adjustment of the chassis.


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Wagon version

Source: BMW M3 Touring Is Only 15 Months Old And Already Going Under The Knife | Carscoops

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