2025 BMW Neue Klasse Electric SUV(iX3)

X3-sized SUV will be first of BMW’s NK vehicles and has the same wide kidney grilles as the Vision Neue Klasse sedan concept. Get ready for a BMW revolution, because the automaker’s next-generation Neue Klasse EVs have just taken their first tentative steps from concept car to showroom-ready product. Our spy photographers have snapped a prototype of the BMW electric SUV that will be the first of the NK cars to make it to market in 2025. Known internally by the codename NA5, the SUV is roughly the same size as the current X3, but appears lower and sleeker, and has a very different face. But it’s a face you’ll instantly recognize if you’ve been paying attention to BMW’s recent Vision, a concept cars and is made up of a pair of wide, smooth panels that stretch across the nose and hark back to the look established by the original Neue Klasse sedan of the 1960s and kept in play for over 30 years. There even appears to be a set of oval kidneys hidden in the center, beneath the disguise.

This upcoming iX3 is the first SUV in BMW’s ‘Neue Klasse’ (new class), meaning the styling is expected to be significantly updated from the current model.

Source: www.drive.com.au