2025 Fiat Multipla

On the style side, as suggested by our exclusive illustration, the new Multipla could be inspired by the lines of the concept car “Giga-Panda”, unveiled last February, within’a large family of’style study. Its parents particularly wanted to put forward lines that favor the feeling of robustness. This Multipla, if its name were to be verified, would embody the second model from the platform that will host, next July, the brand new electric Panda. After which it could also be declined in SUV coupe, even in pick-up for the needs of certain emerging countries.

Hybrid or 100% electric

Under the hood, it is expected that’il uses both thermal mechanics (48V hybrid of 100 and 136 hp) and 100% electric via 113 hp, at least, s’il came to inherit the mechanics of the recent Citroen I-C3, while taking advantage of’a battery of 40 kWh able to make it travel nearly 300 km WLTP. Unless its family status instead imposes the “pile” of 54 kWh already available on board the Fiat 600e, with a view to reaching 400 km WLTP.