2025 Great Wall Motor(GWM) Tank 800

GWM’s new addition to its Tank range will likely be the new flagship model and largest yet in the series. It’s Tank 800.

The Tank 800 will used the same powertrain as the Tank 700 Hi4-T which has a PHEV system based around a 3.0T V6 twin-turbo engine and a nine-speed HAT gearbox together with an electric motor. The setup provides at total of 385 kW power and 850 Nm torque.

Inside the front dashboard seems to have been largely finalised and is in line with the Tank 500. One notable addition is a line of physical buttons below the large central screen. We also can get a cheeky glimpse of what the Tank 800 will look like thanks to the car image on the screen.

New Photos

GWM Tank 800 interior with 6 seats

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