2025 Lynk & Co Z10 (E371)

Lynk & Co’s flagship product this year, is also the first serious pure electric model. It is positioned as a C-class sedan and will also be its flagship model. product.

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All-electric Lynk & Co Zero spotted road

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Lynk & Co Zero will debut during the first half of 2024.
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Lynk & Co Zero interior spied


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The Z10 is a new full-electric full-size sedan. The Z10 was formerly known as the Zero. But, according to Lynk & Co, ‘Z’ is actually short for Zero, and Zero is an abbreviation for ‘Zeal Enjoyment Responsibility Original’. Yeah.

It is the first EV under the Lynk & Co brand. It looks fantastic. I especially like the front and the headlight units. The Z10 has a super slippery body with a drag coefficient of .0198 Cd. The interior is just as pretty as the exterior, with an over-egg-shaped steering wheel, 15.4 inch main screen, a letterbox digital instrument panel, a HUD, and a 1600w 23-speaker sound system.

The Lynk & Co Z10 is based on Geely’s PMA-1 platform, and shares many of its technology with the Zeekr 001. Size: 5028 x 1966 x 1468, 3005. It uses 800V technology for fast-charging. Lynk & Co hasn’t disclosed new information about power yet, but the brand has stated the Z10 will do 0-100 in 3.5 seconds.