2025 Mercedes EQC SUV

Next-generation Mercedes EQC SUV

The Mercedes crossover spotted on the streets of Germany appeared to have a new body with electrically operated pop-out door handles. However, it lacked the final headlights and taillights as those are most certainly placeholders. Compared to the EQC on sale today, its successor will have the side mirrors mounted lower on the doors, along with a narrower hood and a higher-mounted tailgate.

Although it rides on a dedicated EV platform, the overhangs don’t necessarily look shorter compared to the current model. Nevertheless, we’re still expecting to see a longer wheelbase for improved room inside the cabin. The rear license plate sits considerably higher on the new model, and there’s either a subtle spoiler lip or a light bar on the tailgate since we’re noticing a wide protrusion.

Mercedes has already said that its plants in Bremen, Germany, and Kecskemét, Hungary, will construct electric vehicles built on the MB.EA platform.

According to rumors, the three-pointed star may have chosen to gradually stop using the “EQ” trademark as early as 2024.

Uncertainty surrounds the naming of this new generation of zero-emission cars, but there will undoubtedly be one.

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